Local moving

Need to move around the New Jersey area? Try out the Prestige Movers of Elizabeth.

We are the go to movers in the Elizabeth, NJ area! The Prestige Movers of Elizabeth

have helped countless families settle into new homes throughout many years. Our service

starts out by giving you a one on one consultation and follow through by assigning one of

our experienced managers to guide you through the whole move. Moving day doesn’t need

to be as stressful as you think, call us up now and see what we can do for you.

Long Distance

We at the Prestige Movers of Elizabeth will make your long distance move easier to

manage for you. We’ll do all the hard parts for you and all for reasonable prices. Let our

moving coordinators, who will be easy to contact throughout your move, take care of your

move for you. We’ll make sure everything is done efficiently and stick to your schedule.


Interstate moves are much more difficult than regular moves. We don’t have to tell you

why for obvious reasons. The Prestige Movers of Elizabeth will get everything done for

you while maximizing the value of your money. The first step of the moving process will

be to analyze your shipment and discuss your specific needs and expectations. Afterwards,

we create a custom moving plan to address your needs and keep you up to date during

your whole move. If you have any questions at any point, just give us a quick call and we’ll

straighten it out.


The Prestige Movers of Elizabeth has services formed with the unique needs of

commercial businesses as the focus. We will assign a project manager for you move who

will make sure all your move stays efficient and on schedule. Our movers have handled

many challenging moves through the years and are ready and equipped to handle the

typical problems that surface during commercial moves.


The Prestige Movers of Elizabeth specializes in residential moving projects and has

helped several families into new homes all over New Jersey. We have all the services you’ll

need to take care of your move including packing, storing, and transporting your things. We

even make customized moving plans if you have any unique needs you want addressed. We

will work to give you the best value for your money when you move.

Office Relocation

Prestige Movers of Elizabeth has all sorts of cost efficient, flexible, and high quality

moving services to cater to office relocation. Our professionals are trained to handle all

kinds of office equipment and are ready to take on challenging moves. Once you’ve told

us the specifics of your move, we will devise a custom moving plan to best fit your unique


Art & Antique

If you have any expensive and valuable art, antiques, or heirlooms you want to move,

the Prestige Movers of Elizabeth are here to help you. We have properly trained

professionals who will take care of your priceless items and make sure they stay damage

free until they reach their destination.

Piano Moving

The Prestige Movers of Elizabeth also offers piano moving services. Our movers are

equipped with all the necessary moving equipment to handle all kinds of piano moves safely

and we’ll make sure we get your piano to its destination on time. Our movers are trained

professionals who have practical experience moving all kinds of pianos and are ready to

take on all kinds of challenging moves.